Twin British Light 6 Pounder
Cannons on Garrison Carriages
Non- Firing - Full Scale
"Pair" British Light 6 Pounders with Dauphins
on 18 th century Garrison Carriages.
All barrels, trimmings and carriages are made from
Painted red mahogany stain and gloss black enamel.
The 55" wood barrels are lathe turned with a drilled
3" bore.
These beauties are true in every detail to the original
cannons that defended the British outposts of the
18th century.
A first impression in the quality of the construction of
these replicas is mistaken by most cannoneers for the
real thing.
Twin Pair
$2500.00 each
(Each piece is 69" long, 27" wide, 26" tall, &
weights 123 lbs.  total.)
British Light 6 Pounder
Single Gun for $2500.00
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :
Phone- 713-249-6020
British Light 6 Pounder
Barrel Pictures