Non- Firing - This is the front 30" of a muzzle
on a full scale size 1841 six pounder barrel.

The barrel is 30" long with a 3" bore.  The
barrel is made out of concrete and cannot be fired.  Barrel
weighs 88 pounds.  

I made these for a pirate ship display at the Texas
Renaissance Festival.
The display called for short barrel pieces to be displayed
pointing through gun ports.
Only the muzzle can be seen from the outside of the ship.

These short cannon sections can also be used as bollards.  
They would look like cannon
barrels set in concrete as seen in many towns throughout the
Caribbean Islands.

These are great display pieces.  Use your imagination.

$250.00 each cannon barrel
(Overall length is 30" and 10" wide at the end of the barrel.)
Front Muzzle of a 1841 Six Pounder
Barrel -
"Concrete Cannon Barrel"
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Front Muzzle of a
1841 Six Pounder
Full Scale 1841
Six Pounder Barrel