Civil War
Reenacting Items
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3" Brass & Iron Antique Reproduction
Padlock(s) with 2 keys each.  Working padlocks
are fully functional with an old style locking
system.  Swing the brass cover open to access
the keyhole.
Dimensions = 3" tall x 1-5/8" wide x .75" thick.

26.00 each padlock

Hand forged iron reproduction Civil War Hasp with staples.
This is the Hasp and staples that author A.J. Hamler endorses to
buy in his instructional book,
"Civil War Woodworking, Volume II", published by Linden
Publishing.  This book and others he wrote can be purchased at
Amazon.com.  His website is www.ajhamler.com for more
This book instructs the reenactors
on how to make a civil war camp chest as well as other projects of
the period.  This hasp is patterned after General William B.
Taliaferro’s camp chest hasp.  

One Hasp comes with 2 staples as needed.

40.00 (Includes 1 hasp & 2 staples)

Note: See Antique Padlock at top of this page to go
with this hasp on your chest.