These cannon balls are 3" in diameter and are cast in
concrete.  They are for display purposes only.  Weight is
one pound each.  Shown stacked on an oak garland as they
would have been on board a ship. Cannon balls are painted a

gloss enamel black for that authentic look.
Each cannon ball costs - $8.00
Garland on platform only for a 14 ball stack (see picture below)- $50
* Email me for a price for a larger garland size.

Sponge Head or Ramrod are available - Ask for Price
Ramrods are 67" long & the heads fit cement cannon bore.
Tampion with leather strapping available - Ask for Price
Vent Cover Strap available - Ask for Price

*Note: Ask for pricing on Ramrods, Tampion and Vent Strap made to special
Concrete Cannon
Implements, Tampion, Vent Cover &
Cannon Balls
Location-Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020

14 Cannon Ball Stack on a
platform Garland
55 Cannon Ball
Stack in a Garland