Brooks USA Brass Napoleon
Barrel on a No. 2 Field Carriage
Location- Houston, Texas
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I custom built this (1/4 scale) cannon field carriage for a
FIRING" Brooks USA Napoleon Brass Barrel. The
carriage is made of oak and stained Jacobean that
compliments the wood grain.  All metal is hand forged iron
and painted enamel flat black.
The smooth bore 20" long brass barrel has a
1.032 bore size that can shoot a 1" ball.

Some History: Years of Manufacture: 1857 to 1863.  
The Napoleon Gun Howitzer was the most popular, common,
and deadly field piece of the American Civil War.
Developed under the auspices of Louis Napoleon of France,
it first appeared in the American artillery in 1857. In the
North, the smoothbore Napoleon was officially designated
the "light 12-pounder gun". A Napoleon fired a 12.3 lb
projectile and had a maximum effective range of about
1,600 yards. Union Napoleons had a slight swell at the
muzzle of the 4.62 inch bore. The barrel with its carriage
weighed 2,445 pounds, light enough to be hauled by men
for short distances.  The Confederacy produced a great
many Napoleons, the majority out of bronze. Confederate
made pieces were generally tapered and some iron variants
had a band-reinforced breech.  Artillerymen favored
bronze Napoleons because their barrels were stronger and
safer than guns made of iron -- thus there was less
chance the gun would burst during firing killing or wounding
the crew.  A Napoleon was able to fire all of the four
basic types of ammunition. The solid shot, shell, and case
rounds were all spherical and were used against enemies at
distances greater than 600 yards. For shorter distances
the gun was loaded with canister, which turned it into a
giant shotgun with lethal effects. Firing canister, the
Napoleon probably inflicted more casualties than all other
Civil War era artillery pieces combined.

Barrel weight= 29 lbs. - Carriage weight= 18 lbs. - Total weight=
47 lbs.
Overall dimensions= 40" long with barrel mounted x 15-1/2" tall x
21" wide.
This carriage for sale (Jacobean stain) and another sold
No. 2 Field Carriage (Mahogany stain) pictured together