Portfolio-Cannon Implements &
Pg 1
Former for
10 Pound
Parrott Rifle
Chocks for
10 pound
Parrott Rifle
& Limber
Tampion 10
Pound Parrott
3 Implements-Ramrods
made of oak wood with
copper nails holding on
copper bands. Metal
Head  painted on
Oak Trail Spike
with metal painted
Tampions for
10 Pound
Parrott Rifles
Vent Cover
Trail Spike with
metal painted ring.
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
I made a replacement cannon carriage leveling wedge or "Quoin" for a customer made of oak, brass screws and stained.
Made a full scale Ram Rod & Sponge with sponge covers for a customer.  Wood is made of oak, walnut dowel, and linseed oiled.
Full Scale
Oak Ram
Made a 2.25 bore worm head for the
Fort Concho Historic National
Landmark's mountain howitzer.
Made a worm for one
of Brooks USA brass
24 pounders with a 1"
Made a worm head for a
28" mountain howizer
barrel with a 1 3/4" bore.
Made three worms for a 1-3/4" bore for a customer.  Two will be for 24" deep bore and one for a 36" deep bore. Wood is
stained oak and copper nails hold on the worm heads.
Made three implements: rammer, sponge & worm for a 1" bore for a customer that purchased a Brooks USA brass cannon on my
naval carriage that I made for it.  Wood is stained jacobean and copper nails hold on the heads.
Made a
customer two
worm heads for
a  1.250 bore
and a 1" bore.
Made a customer
Worm Head &
Staff  for a firing
Lyle gun with a
2-7/16" bore and
an inside barrel
length of 22".
I made Grape Shot, Jointed lead bar shot, Expanding lead bar shot, Bar Shot, and Chain Shot for a
teacher to use as visual aids in his class room.  All pieces I treated to be aged for that authentic look to
the period.
Made a
customer 14
cannon balls
and a garland
for his cannon
Made a customer 14 cannon
balls and a garland for his
outside cannon display.
A customer
needed a Ram
Rod and
Sponge to fit
his signal
cannon bore
size of   1-3/4"
My customer had special staffs that he want me to make the following implements for these
staffs: mop for muzzle bore 3", mop for powder chamber 2" diameter x 3" length, scoop for
powder  chamber 2" diameter x 3 " length,  ram rod/worm for 3" bore and a linstock.