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3 Implements made for a customer with a 1/2 scale 1841 Six Pounder
with a 1-5/8" bore - Ramrod, Sponge, Worm
made of oak wood with copper nails holding on copper bands. Metal
Head on Worm.
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
I made for a customer with a full scale 10 Pounder Parrott Rifle with a 3" bore - Ramrod, Sponge,
Worm with metal head, & Tampion with Vent cover. Implements made of oak wood with copper
nails holding on copper bands.
Worm Implement 28" long made for a customer with a golf size bore
barrel.  Made of oak wood, copper nails and 2 size metal worm heads
that clean his bore and chamber.
My customer has a Brooks USA Brass golf ball size bore barrel that I made a Garrison Carriage for
along with a double sided Worm, Ramrod, 4 Sponges (with extra sponge heads), Powder Charge
Rolling Mandrel, & Canister Rolling Mandrel.
My customer wanted a worm, ram rod, 2 sponge rods with extra sponge socks for his 25 " long brass
that has a 1.75" bore size.
I made a worm, ram rod, sponge rod, powder roller with extra sponge socks for a customer that has a
27" long barrel with a 2.5" bore size.
*** Customer Testimonial ***
Upon receiving his implements that I made for his 2 cannon barrels :
OK, soooo the tube arrived today as promised, thank you. I told my wife I wasn't sure I could get the
thing open. To which she replied: " If you can't get it open you don't deserve whats in side."- lol-
However we have a problem. My crappy cannon isn't good enough for the lovely rods you made. SO
very very nice and a perfect fit. I would love to give you a review if you are listed online anywhere
please let me know. Also, the cannons are not quite finished, the second barrel is at the plating shop in
the nickeling tank. The first one however is almost finished, lacking only an elevation screw and
reinforced bracing around the trunnion clamps. I will send you a picture / pictures as they progress and
let you know how the first firing of "The Twins" goes. I will keep you in my email for replacement
parts, extra socks, and any future work I may need. Please tell your lovely assistant I said thank you.
The craftsmanship is exceptional and the quality top notch. Can't thank you enough. Regards and
Merry X'mas. - (Bob - Florida, Dec. 2015)
I made 2 oak wood implements -worm head on one side and sponge head opposite side, Ram rod
head and sponge head on 2nd rod. The implements come with 3 sponge socks each and leather ties,
I made all oak wood implements -worm, ram rod, sponge rod with extra sponge socks for a customer.  
Stained Jacobean with traditional copper trim.
I made all oak wood implements for a 2" bore gun.  All
implements are 44-1/2" long. -worm, ram rod, sponge rod with
extra sponge socks, & lanyard for firing the gun with oak handle
and "S" hook for a customer.
I made two oak powder forms
for a customer the same size
as they interchange their
Parrott and Napoleon powder
charges. Also made one oak
Parrott tampion with a three
inch bore that has a flared
muzzle and one for their
Napoleon gun.
I made cap squares for a customer gun.  Used 1/4" material and 2-5/8" spread.  The customer drilled
his own holes.
Worm, ram &
sponge rod with
extra sponge
socks for a
customer.  Made
of all oak wood  
for a 2-1/4" bore
gun.  Both
implements are
44-1/2" long.
A Military Academy customer wanted two custom worm heads to fit there ½ Scale Napoleon. The
two worm heads are 1.25" wide to fit a 1.375" bore.  This cannon is used by their cadets at special
events and parades, and recently the worm was broken off and lost.

I made Grape Shot, Jointed lead bar shot, and Expanding lead bar shot
for a teacher to use as visual aids in his class room.  All pieces I treated to be
aged for that authentic look to the period.

A customer ordered 4-Grape Shots, 30-Cannon balls with Sabot option, 2 double head ram rod
sponges, worm, leather vent cover, and tampion with leather cover.  In addition he bought one of my
Ammunition Chests, a Texas Granite trivet on a stand and a 105 MM Tank Shell that I had on display
for sale.  The Sabots were fabricated for a 3" bore and copper band strips with copper nails hold it on
the oak wood cup base.  I made boxes so that 6 sabots each could fit in snuggly to be carried easily
because they weighed 5 pounds each.  All the lead balls were aged treated for that period look and all
the sabot cups were oiled.  The ram rod implements were stained Jacobean color with copper bands,
sponge socks, and I had soft velour bags made to put them in for transport to the customers home via
personal jet.  
I made a 1-1/2" bore worm head for a pirate customer of mine.
My customer had a 1/3 scale Howitzer cannon and needed a sponge bucket.
The bore is roughly 1.80".  He also needed a lathe turned tampion with leather for a
barrel I.D. that will shoot a golf ball.
I made various garlands and cannon
balls for customers yard displays.
A customer wanted me to make him a ram rod, powder ladle, sponge with socks, and a hand forged
lindstock for his gun.