Custom Cannons & Carriages Sold
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This match pair of 1/3rd scale 32 Pounders on ships
carriages were bought for display purposes by a
This 1/3rd scale 32 pounder on ships carriage was custom built to
order per customer specifications.
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
This matched pair of ships carriages were made for outdoor display to support two 48" long
fiberglass barrels.  They are made of pressure treated pine and stained to endure the
weather of the Florida coast.
Each carriage has black accents, is 33" long  and weighs approximately 55 pounds.
Come and Take It Barrel is actual scale on my rendition of
a mount instead of a carriage so that this piece can be
displayed on a desk, man room, or library credenza table.  
This customer purchased it for the Texas history
conversation piece that it is to place on his desk.
This Come and Take It Barrel was purchased by a Texas
historian for his office.
A customer wanted this Come and Take It cannon to display in her
library at home.
A customer wanted
this Come and Take
It cannon to give to
her boyfriend for
Christmas.  Nice

This replica cannon was a customers request for display in their Houston restaurant at the Taste
Of Texas. It is based on the "Come and Take It" cannon barrel in the museum in Gonzales,
Texas.  An important part of Texas history, this barrel is full scale at 21 ½” long and 3 7/16"
diameter at the muzzle the same as in the museum.    
Due to space constraints, My customer opted to have the cannon mounted on a wooden stand
instead of a carriage.  The “stand” mimics the way the barrel is mounted on the carriage in the
museum.  The wood barrel is faux painted and the metal straps are hand forged then aged for
the historic nostalgic look.

These 3 replica "Come and Take It" Gonzales, Tx. Cannons were made for a customer who is
opening a gun club in Fort Bend County and it will be called "Texas Gun Club" and have a Texas
theme. These table size display pieces will be displayed there.