Custom made Cannon Carriages for "FIRING" Barrels
Sold - Pg 10
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
My customer had a 24 pounder Brooks USA brass barrel and I built him
this firing Naval/Ships carriage for it made of oak and painted a dark
antique walnut stain.  All metal is hand forged iron and painted flat black.

Recently I received one of your custom made carriages with a Michael
Brooks barrel mounted on it. I can't describe how overjoyed I was when I
opened the box, and saw the craftsmanship of your carriage!! You and
Michael Brooks complement each others work! Michaels barrel mounted on
your carriage is an unparalleled work of art, that will bring me joy for
many years! I look forward to doing business with you again.
                         With Many Thanks,
                          (Frank in New York, 2013)
I bought a "Brooks USA" Napoleon brass barrel and I built a firing qtr. scale No. 2 Field Carriage
for it for my customer.  The carriage is made of oak and stained a dark walnut.  All metal is hand
forged iron and painted flat black.  This same customer also purchased a Limber Ammunition Chest
that I had for sale.  It also is stained a dark walnut with hand forged metal trimmings and flat
black paint.
My customer has a 3 in bore revolutionary war canon and he needed to replace the carriage with a
naval carriage I made him.  The barrel is approx 600-700 lbs and is original. It is 48 inches in
length. I stained it with a Jacobean stain color.