Custom made Cannon Carriages for "FIRING" Barrels
Sold - Pg 6
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
A customer had a 14" long "Brook's USA" Brass .69 caliber
barrel and I build this firing Naval carriage for it made of oak
with metal accents. Also made him a Ram Rod, Worm, & Sponge.
First Model Prairie Carriage for a customers 1/2 Scale Mountain Howitzer
Brass Barrel.  The carriage is mounted on 18" wheels.
Brooks USA 24 Pounder Cannon
shown mounted on my custom rendition of a late 17th century Garrison carriage.
This is a FIRING "Brook's USA" 24 Pounder cannon with a 1" bore.  It weighs approx. 16 pounds of hand crafted
brass.  Length is approx. 13" and diameter is 3" at the breech.  
This firing carriage is made of oak & custom made by me specifically for this barrel.  Overall dimensions mounted
is approximately 13" wide, 18" long, 10" tall & weights 28 lbs.

These twin naval carriages I made for a customers 2 identical antique 31.5" long barrels.  
These firing carriages are made of oak, stained Jacobean color & custom made by me specifically for
his barrels.
My customer had an early 1800's cannon barrel from a British manufacture and use until it ended up
in Nepal.  It is a bronze British 12 pounder and he needed a custom built beefy naval carriage to
compliment his gun that weighs 832 pounds.  It is stained a red mahogany color 225 and the metal is
painted a flat black color.

My customer wanted a Brooks USA Napoleon brass barrel that shoots a 1" ball on my
custom Field Carriage stained a jacobean color and the metal is painted a flat black color.