Museum & Other Exhibit Displays-
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Texas Seaport Museum
I made some massive implements for the Texas Seaport
museum's cannon piece that they have on display called the
"Brutus".  They needed  a ram rod, sponge and worm for
this naval display.  The implements are 10 feet long.  The
barrel weighs approximately 8000 pounds and a crane was
used to set the barrel on a special floor design to accept
the barrels weight before the top of the museum was
finished.  Below you can read the museum's plate on the
history of this 18-pounder artillery piece.  You can visit
the Texas Seaport Museum in Galveston, Texas to visit
the museum items on display there and the 1877 Tall Ship
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020