Museum & Other Exhibit Displays-
San Felipe de Austin Museum
State Historic Site - San Felipe, TX
San Felipe de Austin Site Museum

I was contacted by an historian with the Texas Historical
Commission.  They were looking to have a Galloper
Carriage built for a Verbruggen barrel
they had ordered from South Bend Replicas.
The new cannon was to take up residence in the new San
Felipe De Austin museum near Sealy, Texas.

To assist in museum activities, they wanted to be able to
remove the cannon barrel and mount a wagon cart bed on
the wheeled frame, thus doing double duty with the

With a little ingenuity, I was able to accomplish the build.
It turned out real nice.

The barrel weighs 200 lbs. and is 37” long.
The carriage is a little over 11’ long with 51” wheels.

I also made them full scale reproduction implements;
worm, sponge with sponge socks, rammer, powder
charger, tampion with leather strap, vent cover, and
linstock made of oak for their gun.

A Galloper carriage was designed to carry a light weight
cannon barrel of small caliber.  It was pulled by one horse
and was extremely mobile.  The time frame of this design
was mid- 18th century to early 19th century.
Location- Houston, Texas
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The Texas Historical Commission hosted a festival, "Father of Texas
Celebration", at the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site on Nov. 3 2018.  
I went to this event with my lovely assistant to view the exhibits and events
such as livinging history demonstations including a
Cannon Shoot on the Galloper
carriage I built that I did not want to miss.  Below are pictures I took and a
video of the cannon shoot and crew.