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"The DUKE"

Duke Kahanamoku is
credited with being the
Father of modern day
This coffee table
replicates one of
"DUKES" early
surfboards.  It was
created for a close friend
who would rather surf
than eat.
It is 6' long and 20" wide
at the hip.  It sits on a
wrought iron base.
"Custom Table for
Displaying a Civil War
Ammunition Chest &
Cannon Carriage"

This table I made for a customer who
wanted to display her civil war
ammunition limber chest and replica
No. 2 quarter scale field cannon
carriage that I had made for her.
The top shelf of the table will slide out
easily and the wrought iron braces
holding it will swing away, so that the
ammunition chest top can be opened
up.  The carriage is held in place with
wooden chocks.  The ammunition
chest slides into a bolted locking
position for a tight fit. Brass nut
accent pieces, the wrought iron barrel
frame, along with the oak wood feet
are very decorative for any room in
the home.
Marble table top with
oak wood shelf stained
and painted metal hand
forged frame.  The
shelves are removable.
An old school desk that I refurbished for
a customer.