Miscellaneous Pieces-
Texas Ranger Star Insets & Hangings
Sold - Pg 6
Texas shaped 3/4" thick Granite Cutting Boards/Serving Trays with 1" wooden pegs.
Large= 20" long x 21" wide
Small= 14" long x 14" wide
Texas Ranger Star Wall
Hanging - on customers
front porch
Made of 1/8" heavy plate
metal and is 48" in diameter.  
Painted gloss
black/red/white/blue enamel.   
Texas Insets-
Texas shaped 3/4"thick granite insets for recessing into mailboxes,
fireplaces, or hanging in walls.  Any address numbers can be siliconed on.
Large Granite= 20" long x 21" wide Small Granite= 14" long x 14" wide
Small Texas
Large Texas
Small Texas- Colors are
Brown, black with grey.
Large Texas-Colors are
Browns, oranges & cremes.
Cast Stone Large Texas
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
Flagstone Large Texas Shapes & Stars
that mounted into a customers outside wall.
Iron Hand Forged Texas Ranger Stars- squared off frame to
recess in 3 living room windows of a customers home.
Texas Ranger Shaped Hangings
Hand Forged
Iron Texas Rack
Hand Forged
Iron Texas
Ranger Hanging
Small Texas on Post Oak Stand
Hickory Wood - Stained Jacobean
Small - Overall size is 16" Tall x 14-1/2"