Rustic and Industrial Age
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"The Drill Press"
This original drill press is made by “Champion Blower
& Forge Company” (Lancaster, PA.)
post drill Model N
o 200:
has a patent date on it of August 9, 1904.
I rescued it about 25 years ago from a field in West
Texas where it was 95% buried in the dirt.
It has been totally disassembled, cleaned up, and
reassembled.  I added a new wooden handle.
It is functional and looks very good.
I mounted it on a red oak slab 1 ½” thick and in turn,
mounted that on a white oak  4”  X  4” stand.
It is now free standing and a beautiful display piece from  
the industrial period of our country.

Total weight with the stand is around 200 lbs.
It stands 6’ 2” overall height with a 40” base width.

Price is $1800
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020