Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020

I want to say thanks for making my cannon carriage.  Your
willingness to listen to the customer, and include me in the
project, made it a pleasure to work with you on the project.  
I learned that the complexity of making a naval carriage is
quite deceiving in it's simple appearance.    Your attention to
detail and precision in cuts and fitments in both the woodwork
and metalwork are second to none.  The stain and finish are
very simply, flawless.  My family and I will enjoy looking at
the cannon and carriage in our home for many years to come.  

                 Thanks again
                      MH - Houston, TX., 2019

OK soooo the tube arrived today as
promised, thank you. I told my wife I
wasn't sure I could get the thing open. To
which she replied: " If you can't get it open
you don't deserve whats in side."- lol-
However we have a problem. My crappy
cannnon isn't good enough for the lovely rods
you made. SO very very nice and a perfect
fit. I would love to give you a review if you
are listed online anywhere please let me
know. Also, the cannons are not quite
finished, the second barrel is at the plating
shop in the nickeling tank. The first one
however is almost finished, lacking only an
elevation screw and reinforced bracing
around the trunion clamps. I will send you a
picture / pictures as they progress and let
you know how the first firing of "The Twins"
goes. I will keep you in my email for
replacment parts, extra socks, and any
future work I may need. Please tell your
lovely assistant I said thank you. The
craftmanship is exceptional and the quality
top notch. Can't thank you enough. reguards
and merry xmas.

RL - Apopka FL.- 2015

I hired Michael Elledge to build a naval-
style gun carriage for my antique bronze
cannon.  I selected Michael for this work
because of his exceptional wood and
metalworking skills, reputation for historical
accuracy, and attention to detail.  Yes, I
could have found someone else to construct a
cheaper, less robust carriage.  I knew;
however, that it would be a mistake to
mount my valuable antique cannon on a poorly-
made platform. I trusted Michael and was
confident that his craftsmanship would add
value to my investment.  I made the right
decision.  Throughout the building process,
he stayed in close contact with me.  He
eagerly sought my ideas and incorporated
many of my recommendations. This
collaboration resulted in exactly what I
wanted: A strong and historically accurate
gun carriage that appears to have been
made by a skilled artisan 150 years ago.  I
couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  

SS - Bowie, MD, July 2013

Hi Michael!

Great to hear from you and hope you are
doing well.  The exhibit has proven to be
very popular (no surprise) and elicits much
praise from everyone who sees it.

Unfortunately, I think that is pretty much it
for our foray into 19th Century naval
subject matter. :-(  I am always happy to
recommend you to any other museums that
are moving on similar themes.

JH - Texas Miliary Forces Museum -
Austin, TX - 2014

We were looking for a carriage for our
Insurance Cannon . I found Michael Elledge
online and described the project . He took
the ball and ran with it . From the beginning
to the end, customer service was excellent
(even better, he and his lovely assistant
seemed like folks you would want to know) .
Michael understood what we wanted and
created a carriage which was beyond what
we imagined . We are ecstatic . Money well
spent , thanks Michael !      

BH - Hidden Valley Lake, CA.- 2013

Recently I received one of your custom
made carriages with a Michael
Brooks barrel mounted on it. I can't
describe how overjoyed I was when I
opened the box, and saw the craftsmanship
of your carriage!! You and
Michael Brooks complement each others
work! Michaels barrel mounted on
your carriage is an unparalleled work of art,
that will bring me joy for
many years! I look forward to doing business
with you again.
                      With Many Thanks,
Frank - in New York - 2013