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*Michael Elledge - Rustic & Industrial Age
Art Refurbished

*Sean Elledge - Ell-Co Design & Fabrications

Reimagined Mid-Century Relics by Sean Elledge -
Bring a little industrial flare into your room! These pieces are intended to spark fond
memories of a time when life wasn’t so complicated and things were built to last. I
recycle original parts and couple them with warm wood tones and skeletal pieces
from various mechanical movements that should have never been hidden in a
chassis. These pieces can now be proudly displayed on any desk, bookcase, or wall,
reminding you of the industrial foundation of yesteryear.

Sean’s artistic ingenuity brings new life to old pieces, turning them into
“industrial heirlooms”.  I use a mix of parts, everything
from cars pieces to appliances from the 1950s and 60s, blended with soft wood tones
and the modern functionality of lighting and/or audio electronics.

The end result is a unique piece, decades old, but fully functional with modern day
wiring and lighting. Some of my art projects can be interfaced with iPod's and other
audio media, offering beautiful sound through a mid-century antique.

If you have something specific in mind, please contact me about collaborating on a
custom piece or to place an order (PayPal is an option):  You can email, text, or call
me to discuss your ideas or order.

        Mobile – 864-380-0531    Email -

*Larry Dussack - Exotic Wood Turnings
       Larry's site location is in construction and coming soon!

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