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Description: 1970 CJ-5 Jeep Grille; Bring a little country into your room...  This is a 44 year old CJ-5 Jeep
Grille that has been converted to 120 volt operation.  There are four 120 volt "Thomas Edison" light bulbs behind the
headlamps and turn signals that are operated by a continuous light dimmer switch.  As a result, all for bulbs can be
dimmed to a soft glow for that ambient look.  In addition, this also has a separate on/off switch for the turn signals, if
you just want to run the headlamps. There is a simple 120 volt plug in the back of this unit for a power feed.  This piece
has a cool factor of "10"!!!

Materials: I used recycled authentic Jeep parts and refurbish them all both cosmetically and functionally. Every nut and
bolt has been removed and restored for a fresh or patina look.  The grill itself has been chopped, channelled and riveted
so it only sits about 4 inches off of the wall (reduced from 8 inches). The Jeep grill has been sanded down to show
various colors that it has been painted over the last 40 years.  Some bare metal and rust are visible to show-off the
patina look and everything has been clear coated with a satin finish to preserve this exact look. The bulbs and wiring are
all new.  All internal connections are soldered or are lugged on terminal blocks for safety and longevity.  I spent over 50
hours building this piece and it looks stunning (both structurally and cosmetically).  Each step has been photographed
along the way to illustrate the chronology of this restoration and can be shared upon request.  This is a very unique piece
that will add an immense cool factor to any room!
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Price = $2000.00
This piece is sold but special orders can be made with
a 4 week anticipated build time
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Description: Old GE Clock in the Original  Chassis; Put some nostalgia in your room.  This is an old
General Electric clock that probably dates back to the late 50's. I tried to get the old electrical/mechanical gears working
but to no success.  That said, I replaced the old internal movements with a quarts movement that runs on one 1.5 volt
AA battery. The chassis was originally painted.  My intentions were to strip the old paint and repaint it, but when I
stripped the paint off, I realized that the raw metal chassis was beautiful and would polish-out really nicely.  I took every
piece apart and polished out all 6 sides to a nice satin finish, then coated it with a single coat of clear satin to preserve
the polished appearance. I repeated the same steps with the solid brass feet that came with this piece. The original clock
face, brass bezel and real glass cover remains on this beautiful clock to preserve the original look. The back cover plate is
embossed (metal stamped) with the US General Electric name, model and patent number and can be removed with 6
screws to replace the battery on the new quarts movement.  This clock weighs-in at about 1.5 pounds and measures
6.5" wide X 4.5" tall X 2.25" deep.  This clock offers a real nostalgic look with a modern polished twist and
updated/accurate quarts movement.  It's a really cool piece that looks similar to the one that I remembered from my
grandpa's house!

Materials: I used authentic USA General Electric exterior parts (including glass face cover) and new quarts interior
movement. Comes complete with new battery. Again, this piece has been sealed with a satin clear coat finish to preserve
this exact look and feel for a very long time.   This is a very unique piece that will add warmth to any room!

Price = $125.00
Description: Original
Ringer Box;
This is an
independent ringer box from one of
the first designs of the telephone.  
After restoring it (cosmetically only) I
realized that it didn't have the "wow
factor" that I wanted unless you
opened the oak door to see the
original coils and mechanics used to
cycle the ringer. As a result, I added
the solid brass post office door with
a glass window to view the skeletal
innards mentioned above.  The post
office door is authentic and came
from the original post office in
Taylors SC. The door can be opened
via a combination.
Very cool piece !

Price = $130.00

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Description: 1977 Jeep CJ-7 Grille; Converted to 120V operation to hang on a wall. Over 25 hours in labor
to fabricate this build!  The Jeep CJ-7 is the longest production run of any vehicle sold in the USA!  379,299 were build
during the 11 year production run that started in 1976.  Who wouldn’t want one of these hanging on the wall of their
porch or garage?  This one has the full treatment with the following features:

Electrical Modifications:
- 4 Dimming Thomas Edison lights mounted in the headlamps and turn signals. These lamps dim via a hidden rotary knob.
- Turn signals can be switched off independently from the headlamps via a hidden switch.
- 48 LED’s are mounted behind the slats to reflect off of the wall and 6 LED’s are mounted inside of the headlamps for an
indirect glow affect.  All of the LED’s operate independent from the headlamps and are controlled through a separate
rotary dimmer.
- All connections are soldered with heat shrink and/or crimped and fastened on a military terminal block for long
lasting/secure operation.
- Plugs into any 120V outlet.

Mechanical Modifications:
- All OEM Jeep parts are used prior to the conversion.
- Channeled chassis with all original chassis parts sleeved to maintain structural integrity.  This reduces the total depth to
~ 4 inches (reduced from 8 inches).
- Aircraft riveted and welded construction.
- Painted black bezels around the headlamps and turn signals.  All other parts repainted and or poly sealed to maintain
the original patina (grille is the original color and has only been sealed).
- Custom fluted cedar base that conforms to the contour of the bottom of the grille slats.
- Slotted mounting hooks installed centered 16” apart to mount on a wall.

                            Price = $699.00  --  This piece is ready to ship!