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Description: 1963 Austin Healey Speedometer
from England - Go 140 MPH Without Ever Leaving your Office
Desk!  Do you want to go really fast without any of the
risks?  Just place this little beauty on your desktop and you
can drive as fast as you want (vicariously of course) without
the fear of Johnny giving you a ticket!   

History: They just don't make them like this anymore...  
"Smiths" manufactured this 140MPH speedometer in
Abingdon England specifically for the "Big Healey's" (Mark III -
3000, BJ8) produced between 1963 - 1968... The BJ8 model
was the most powerful and luxurious of the Big Healey's,
with a walnut-veneer dash, wind-up windows, and a strong
150 hp engine. Improvements to the engine included a new
camshaft and valve springs, and twin SU 2" HD8 carburetors,
together with a newly designed exhaust system.  These Big
Healey's have a long competition history, and raced at most
major racing circuits around the world, including Sebring, Le
Mans (France), and Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst
(Australia).  As far as I can tell, the BJ8 3000's had a limited
production run of only 17,712 units between 1963 - 1968...

Materials:  This speedometer is unaltered and still contains
the "dash mount" and tripometer reset knurled knob...  I
took this apart, cleaned it up and polished out the chassis
before mounting it to some aluminum, brass and iron
plumbing bits. I coated everything with a satin  clear finish to
preserve this same appearance for a very long time.  It
stands at 7.5 inches tall and weighs about 4-5 pounds.  This
piece is a must have for any guy's desktop!

This full assembly is for sale for less that it would cost to find
one in this condition for your Healey restoration project.  
Please call, text or e-mail me for more information.

Price = $149.00

Description: Steam Punk Docking Station,
when new age sound meets heavy iron of the past...  This
is an Industrial iPod Dock that will really surprise you!  It's a
docking station for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, TV, Cable or
any other media with "audio output" capabilities.  You only
need to supply the audio source.  It contains a Class-T
stereo amplifier in the back of the unit that puts out 20
watts RMS and sounds incredible!  As seen, is configured
for mono operation on this single speaker, but if you have
another speaker of any type, you can hook it up in 60
seconds for a  stereo configuration. There is a simple 120
volt plug in the back of this unit with one power switch that
provides power to a "Thomas Edison" 30 watt light bulb
and the Class-T amplifier.  The amplifier has a separate
power switch, and 3 simple controls for volume, bass and
treble.  The amplifier will accept an 1/8 inch input audio
source jack or RCA type input jacks.

Materials: I use recycled speakers and refurbish them both
cosmetically and functionally.  I replace the drivers and
crossovers if needed to insure sound integrity.  The
plumbing hardware is new and or recycled with a nice patina
look. All internal connections are soldered for safety and
longevity.  These are very unique pieces that will add that
industrial look to any room!

I have made two of these already and my customers love
them!  I can take special orders with my own sourced
speakers or use a speaker that you may want to recycle.  
Pricing will range from $160 - $270  Please call, text or
e-mail for pricing as it depends on the speaker options.

Price = $160.00

Description: An old
Warehouse Explosion
Proof Lamp.

This very retro looking
lamp is suspended from a
series of pulleys on a
fabricated wall mount.  
This piece has a porcelain
patina shade and is on a
rotary dimmer. The
height can be adjusted
on the pulley system.  I
have made two of these
with the exact same
pulley system.  The other
one has a 16 inch green
porcelain barn lamp
hanging from it.

Price = $299.00 each

Description: 40’s Gauge Cluster.
This gauge cluster is mounted on a
locking differential and welded to a Ford
9 inch ring gear.  This thing weighs
about 35 pounds!  When the gauge
cluster is twisted all of the internal gears
turn in unison!  Very cool desk piece for
the gear head in your house!

Price = $225.00

Video of 40’s Gauge Cluster.
(If you can't view this video in your browser than you will
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Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.)

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