32 Pounder Wood Barrel - One Third scale
This is a non-firing bronze faux finish British 32 Pounder
Barrel with a 2-1/2" bore.  The barrel is lathe turned and
the length is 36".
1861 Ordnance Rifle Wood Barrel - Half
This is a non-firing 1861 Ordnance Rifle Barrel with a
2-1/4" bore.  The barrel length is 36".
These barrels are great conversation pieces
that will flatter anyone's museum,
library, fireplace, or man's room.

Other types of cannon barrels at request
can be created for a wall mounting.
Cannon Barrels on
Wall Mount Displays
32 Pounder Barrel
One Third scale on oak wall mount
1861 Ordnance Rifle Barrel
Half scale on oak wall mount
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