Non- Firing - 1/2 Scale -10 Pound Parrott Rifle

This 43" barrel is made from wood and is commonly
mistaken by reenactors when they see it as an iron
It is painted a gloss black enamel.
The barrel is lathe turned with a drilled
2-1/2" bore.
There are other assorted stands or wall mounts available
upon request to fit this piece.
I also take special requests to make other styles of
barrels, carriages and stands as a separate item for
those enthusiasts to purchase for their individual needs.

$1300.00 (with display stand)
$1200.00 (No display stand - barrel only)
*Ask for pricing on Wall Mount or other custom display stands.
10 Pounder Parrott Rifle Cannon
Display Carriage Stand
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