Non- Firing - Full Scale
1841 Six pounder (Concrete Barrel)
Mounted on 1800's Ships/Naval Carriage.

This cannon is a very real looking replica of an 1841 six
pounder mounted on an 1800's ships/naval carriage.  The
barrel is 66" long with a 3" bore.  The barrel is made out of
concrete and cannot be fired.  Barrel weighs 270 pounds and
carriage about 150 pounds.  I made this for a landscape

outdoor display
and it would look outstanding in your yard.  
Barrel is painted epoxy enamel gloss black and carriage is
made of fir wood with an outside treated stain applied.  This
piece is a great outside art piece yard ornament for a flag
pole area or along a drive way, front porch or just as a
conversation piece in your yard.

$2700.00 (Cannon Barrel & Carriage)
$800.00 (Cannon Barrel only)
(Overall length is 71", 38" wide, 31" tall.  The carriage length without cannon
is 42" and 26" tall.  The barrel is 66" long.)
1841 Six Pounder "OUTSIDE YARD
Cannon and Carriage -
Concrete Barrel
mounted on Ships/Naval Carriage
Location-Houston, Texas
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NOTE: The black iron pieces on this carriage are made of wood.  When
you first look at it you think you are looking at iron capsquares, rings, and
decorative accent pieces, but these pieces are made from wood.  The axle
pins for the wheels, the chain, nuts/bolts, and the capsquare pins are the
only iron pieces.  This cannon and carriage is an illusion to the eye as the
authentic quality piece.  See the two pictures below.