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Description: 1948 Keystone 8mm Steam Punk Projector - This piece is a Mechanical Marvel,
Where Industrial Design Meets Mid-Century Media!  This one gets the full treatment of heavy iron, soft oak wood tones
perched on an oak base wrapped with brushed aluminum and heavy rivets. The oak reels are accented by a soft glow 30
watt Thomas Edison brass cage lamp... This is a 1948 8mm film projector that I took completely apart and cleaned it up
it to look as it did 66 years ago. The motor spins the top reel and is governed by the variable speed rheostat seen on
the control panel.  The original projector light also comes on at the flip of a switch.  My brother Mike spun these 6.5"
solid oak reels on a lathe for me and grooved the inside to emulate an 8mm movie reel.  I complemented the reels with a
3/4" solid oak base.  All of the wood was stained and coated with tung oil for a rich, warm lasting look...  The projector is
mounted to the oak base with polished brass acorn nuts/washers.  The brass cage lamp is supported by various pieces
of recycled iron plumbing, and yes, those are recycled valve springs from a V8 motor, polished to a mirror finish.  There
is a new 120 volt power cord on the back of this unit for a power feed with the original in-line "snap on/off switch" that
came with the projector.   

Materials: The slide projector stands at about 18 inches tall, 8 inches wide and weighs ~23 pounds.  I used new and
recycled plumbing pipes for this fixture and brushed them all out to a satin luster.  All of the iron pipes and valve springs
have been sealed with a satin clear finish to preserve this exact look and feel for a very long time.  The wiring, cage light
socket and hardware are new and all connections have been soldered for safety and integrity.  The 30 watt "radio bulb" is
surrounded by a heavy copper cage that opens to replace the bulb (if needed).  Any light bulb up to 60 watts can be
used.  The build chronology was documented with pictures along the way and can be shared if desired.  This is a very
special piece that would look awesome in any office or Home Theater room!

Price = $225.00

A 1956 Ford Crown Vic hood
ornament perched on 2.5” pine
wood and standing on a Volvo
timing gear and a 1957 Chevy
hood ornament on a welded
scroll decorative piece.

Priced at
$169 & $125

Description:  An Old Gauge
Cluster from the 40’s perched on
a transmission ring gear that is
welded to an old flat pulley.

Priced = $125.   

Description: Drink tables welded from 3/16th inch perforated steel plates, 1"X 1"angle
iron and steel square tube. They measure 9" X 15" X 20" tall. These tables are all welded with no screws other than
height adjustment screws at the very bottom of each leg for leveling. They have been speed sanded with a flap disc and
clear coated to maintain that raw metal look for a long time. These tables are sold but can be duplicated while supplies
are available. They also can be painted or speed rusted for that patina look.  A great industrial piece in your living room.

Price = $120 each

Description:  Vintage 1953 Ford Victoria chrome jet airplane hood ornament desk
.  This crown jewel has been welded into a locking differential from a posi-track rear-end. When you twist the
hood ornament all of the gears rotate in unison below. This is the perfect gift to sit on anyone's desktop especially yours.

Price = $145

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