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This replica cannon is based on the "Come and Take It" cannon barrel in the
museum in Gonzales, Texas.
An important part of Texas history, this wooden barrel is full scale at 21 ½” long and 3-7/16"
diameter at the muzzle the same as in the museum. Due to the size of the original carriage I
opted to have the cannon mounted on a wooden stand instead of a carriage.  The “stand” mimics
the way the barrel is mounted on the carriage in the museum.  The wood barrel is aged & faux
painted and the metal straps are hand forged then aged for the historic nostalgic look to make
it look like it came out of a river bank just as the original.
The size of this piece will display on a table, desk or credenza nicely.
$600.00 each
2 in stock
(weighs approximately 28.6 pounds)

The Gonzales
“Come and Take It” Cannon
On October 2, 1835 was the first shot for Texas Independence. The
little cannon fired the first artillery shot for Texas Independence which
led to the annexation of more land to the United States than all the
shots fired during the American Revolution. Three of the museums
pictures are below to compare to my reproduction.  More history on this
cannon can be read on the Gonzales, TX. Museum website at
Option #2
Option #1
Option #1 and #2 together