Custom made Cannon Carriages for "FIRING" Barrels
Sold - Pg 7
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
My customer had a Full scale Bronze Gun and I built him this
firing Naval/Ships carriage for it made of oak with flat black
metal accents. He wanted the carriage to be antiqued and
distressed to the period as possible to blend in with gun piece. His
testimonial follows...

I hired Michael Elledge to build a naval-style gun carriage for my antique bronze cannon.  I selected
Michael for this work because of his exceptional wood and metalworking skills, reputation for
historical accuracy, and attention to detail.  Yes, I could have found someone else to construct a
cheaper, less robust carriage.  I knew; however, that it would be a mistake to mount my valuable
antique cannon on a poorly-made platform. I trusted Michael and was confident that his
craftsmanship would add value to my investment.  I made the right decision.  Throughout the
building process, he stayed in close contact with me.  He eagerly sought my ideas and incorporated
many of my recommendations. This collaboration resulted in exactly what I wanted: A strong and
historically accurate gun carriage that appears to have been made by a skilled artisan 150 years
ago.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
(Steve  -   Maryland, July 2013)
Customer's pictures with his gun on the carriage.
A customer had a full scale original Lapon Gun on an old carriage that
he wanted me to remake for him.  I built a firing carriage using oak
wood and reused his existing wheels.  The paint color is an authentic
"Carriage Red" to the period. The cannon and metal pieces are all
painted flat black. A have a you tube video that you can click on that
will show a closer look of the gun and carriage piece.
A customer had a Bronze British One Pounder Falconet Armstrong gun
and I made him a firing custom naval carriage for it.  The stain color is
jacobean.  The metal pieces are all painted flat black enamel.