Museum & Other Exhibit Displays-
The Alamo Museum
San Antonio, TX
I was commissioned by the Alamo Museum to build a
Field Carriage for the original 16 pounder cannon
barrel that was actually used in the famous battle.  
The barrel is 8’ 9” long and weighs 2,240 lbs.
The carriage was designed by me to be proportionate
to the barrel.  It has 11’ long side rails and 5’ 6”
tall wheels.  It weighs just under 1600 lbs.
The challenge was the lack of trunnions.  Santa
Anna’s army knocked off the existing trunnions and
cascabel to render the gun useless.
I had to fabricate a trunnion collar that would clamp
around the barrel over the existing broken stubs.  It
was one of the most challenging parts of the build.  
I was assisted by a good friend in this process.

The trunnion clamp worked.  It is non-obtrusive and
probably not even noticed by most of the viewers.

The carriage build took 11 weeks.  The cobalt blue
color was selected by the Alamo Curator and applied
by my lovely assistant.

Delivering the carriage was a highlight in my life.  
Mounting the barrel on my carriage was extremely
It will proudly stand guard in front of the Alamo for
a very long time.

As a born and bred Texan,
I am honored !
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
In 1965 - The Elledge Family at the
Alamo and what Michael was
Part I - The Alamo Field Carriage Collar Build for the 16
Pounder Barrel
Part II - The Alamo Field Carriage Build
Part III - The Alamo Field Carriage and 16 Pounder
Barrel Install
Check It Out - That is me at age 13, with hair,
contemplating the carriage build I would be doing in
53 years for the 16 pounder cannon that fought at
the Alamo.
Below click on Part I or II or III to view pictures on my website of the build
of the collar for the 16 pounder or pictures of the build of the field carriage
or to view pictures of the carriage and original 16 pounder barrel installed at
the Alamo on 7/23/2019.
Part I - The Alamo Field Carriage Collar Build for the 16 Pounder Barrel