Museum & Other Exhibit Displays-
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Texas Renaissance Festival
This customer has a Pirate Ship's display at the festival
in Houston, Texas where he purchased 2 of my full scale
concrete 1841 Six Pounder's both on naval carriages.  The
next year he also purchased 3-concrete front piece
muzzles of an 1841 Six Pounder Barrel so that he could
position them out of the portholes of the pirate ship.
A new game booth for the kids was also set up too that
year with 2 of my custom wood Carronade cannons that I
made that would shoot balls out at targets with air
pressure.  The kids love pulling on the lanyard and it
making noise!
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
Three concrete front piece muzzles of an 1841 Six Pounder Barrel I made will
be positioned out of the portholes of the above pirate ship.
The next year this same customer opened a new game booth called "Foomp!" for
the kids, so they could pull on a cannon lanyard and shoot plastic balls out of
the cannon and hit the targets. The 2 wood "Carronade" cannons that I custom
made for him will shoot a 3" plastic ball 10-30 feet by use of an air
compressor hose unit hooked up to a mechanical valve unit that I built the
inside of the cannons around.  It makes a whooping popping sound noise that
the kids love.  Another great addition to the Texas Renaissance Festival.
I took a
picture so I
am blocking
myself out.