Custom Cannons & Carriages
Sold - Pg 1
1861 Ordinance Rifle -
1/3rd Scale
32 Pounder on Ships Carriage - 1/3rd Scale
10 Pound Parrott Rifle Display Stand
1862 Civil War Limber - Reproduction -Full Scale
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Non-Firing - One Third Scale -British 32 Pounder with Dauphins on Ships/Naval Carriage -
The barrel is cedar and is lathed turned to 36" long with a drilled 2-5/8" bore.  It is faux
painted a green patina that gives it an authentic bronze "old world" look.  The oak wood
carriage is distressed and painted to give it a weathered, battle hardened, aged look. The wood
trimmings are faux painted to replicate old weathered metal.