Custom Cannons & Carriages Sold
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Naval Cannon on Garrison Carriage - 1/5th Scale
Cannon on a
Stained Split
Carriage -
1/4 Scale
Cannon on a Ships Carriage - Table Model
Twin Napoleans 1/4 Scale on stand
with name plates
32 Pounder on Ships Carriage - 1/3rd Scale
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Spanish Mortar Cannon Mounted
on Carriage

1/2 scale 10" Spanish Mortar circa 1780 with a 5" bore and an
overall length of 32" long x 17" tall.
This all wooden non-firing model has a "Green Faux Patina" finish
and aged oak in the bed which gives this cannon an authentic
world look.  Truly a magnificent example of an historical mortar.  
A fine table top model for a desk, library, or museum.  My
customer bought this piece to take to gun shows as display.
(32" long, 17" wide, 17" tall, weighs 33 lbs.)