Custom made Cannon Carriages for "FIRING"
Barrels Sold - Pg 5
Location- Houston, Texas
Phone- 713-249-6020
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
A customer had a circa 1812 barrel with a 3" bore and I made
him a firing Naval carriage for it made of oak with metal accents.
Also made him a Tampion with Leather Strap and Vent Cover.
Do it yourself Firing Carriage Kit made for BROOK's Firing 11" .50 caliber barrel.  Kit was
sold to a customer to complete for his Brook's barrel.
Garrison Carriage made for a customers BROOK's Firing 24 Pounder barrel.
Naval Carriage (Jacobean stain) made for a BROOK's 1" Firing 24 Pounder brass barrel that
a customer purchased along with custom ram rod implements.
My customer wanted a Brooks USA Napoleon brass barrel that shoots a 1" ball on my
custom Field Carriage stained mahogany.