Custom Cannons & Carriages Sold
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Naval Cannon on Garrison Carriage - 1/5th Scale
Cannon on a
Stained Split
Carriage -
1/4 Scale
Cannon on a Ships Carriage - Table Model
Twin Napoleans 1/4 Scale on stand
with name plates
1841 Six Pounder Concrete Cannon on a
Wooden Ships Carriage - Full Scale
32 Pounder on Ships Carriage - 1/3rd Scale
Location- Houston, Texas
Phone- 713-249-6020
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Full Scale 12 Pounder Carronade Cannon not painted/raw wood.  Picture shows before and after paint as an
example.  My customer purchased the raw carronade and wanted to paint it himself for his band to collect tips.
32 Pounder Wood Barrel - One Third scale
This is a non-firing bronze faux finish British 32
Pounder Barrel with a 2-1/2" bore.  The barrel is
lathe turned and the length is 36"