Custom made Cannon Carriages for
FIRING" Barrels Sold - Pg 1
Model oak wood Garrison Carriage custom made for a "Brooks USA"  firing .69 caliber barrel that is
13" long  with working metal elevation screw.
Ships Naval Carriage-Custom oak wood reproduction, aged and painted regulation blue for a customers  
original carronade cannon.
Location- Houston, Texas
Website :  www.jmelledge.com
Phone- 713-249-6020
I made this custom fit Ships carriage made of walnut for a customer that
sent me his "Brooks USA" firing .50 caliber barrel that is 11" long.
3/4 Scale 1700's Revolutionary War Cannon & Split Trail Carriage - I made for this smooth bore 36"
South Bend replica
iron barrel that has a 1-1/2" bore size.  The carriage is made of Red Oak wood
and painted a white gloss enamel.  The wheels are 36" in diameter.  All the trimmings on this piece
are hand forged and painted gloss black.
I sold this piece to a golf club to display and shoot on special occasions.
I custom made an oak Ships/Naval Carriage (stained jacobean) for this "Brooks USA" brass 1" bore
barrel with ram rods for a customer.  
A customer wanted me to custom make two No #2 Field Carriages, quarter scale, that would fit his
two twin 1841 six pounders.  They are made of oak wood and stained jacobean color.  Complete with
ram rods and sponge buckets.